Intelligent Minds Early Childhood

Intelligent Minds Early Childhood offers dynamic online and in-person programs designed to nurture minds aged 2-17 with engaging educational experiences, fostering creativity and critical thinking in a supportive learning environment.

In-Person Programs:

IMEC's in-person program provides a comprehensive suite of educational support services, including academic preschool, tutoring, homeschooling assistance, mentoring, homework help, and enriching activities like summer and spring break camps, sip and paints, all geared towards empowering children's growth and learning. Additionally, IMEC offers a special Parent's Night Out, providing a well-deserved break for parents while ensuring their children continue to receive quality care and engagement.

Virtual Programs:

IMEC's virtual programs deliver a comprehensive range of educational resources, from academic support and tutoring to homeschooling guidance and mentoring, ensuring children thrive in a virtual learning environment. With offerings like virtual preschool, engaging activities such as sip and paints, and specialized clubs like coding and robotics, IMEC empowers both learners and providers with tailored enrichment experiences, complemented by parent coaching for a holistic educational journey.

IMEC offers comprehensive academic support tailored to individual needs, including specialized homeschool assistance, personalized private tutoring, and innovative virtual preschool programs. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance and resources to ensure academic success and holistic development for students of all ages.

Accepting new students!

We are thrilled to announce that IMEC is accepting new students for Summer Camp, Preschool, Tutoring and Homeschool Support.

Homeschool Support


Summer Camp

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